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Welcome to Haeundae Fun Divers:

Here on the South East Coat we serve both the Expat and Korean Scuba Diving community.

We offer Scuba Courses, Fun Dives and Scuba Equipment at very competitive prices here in South Korea.

Scuba courses can be conducted in English and Korean.

We conduct scuba courses in:                 Busan                Ulsan                        Daegu.

We are PADI certified instructors. We prefer PADI as it is the largest and most widely available Scuba training organization in the world.

Our priorites are:

* Safety   * Professionalism  * Quality Equipment  * Great Value

The scuba equipment we use is well maintained safe and reliable.

All courses strictly follow PADI standards.

If you want information about forthcoming fun dives, scuba courses and scuba equipment specials. Please call or email.

Ph 010 4616 6378 (English) 010 9668 0288  (Korean)         
Busan, South Korea
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